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Wall Primer

Garware Eomite Premium Water Based Primer 01 Garware Eomite Premium Water Based Primer 02

Garware Eomite Premium Water Based Wall Primer is formulated by using Copolymer Emulsion and ideal combination of pigments and extenders so as to ensure deep penetration and sealing of porous surfaces. It is pigmented white to give reasonable opacity to the primer. It is suitable for interior and exterior application for priming of plastered surfaces and other masonry works. It makes the surface less absorbent and increases the spreading capacity of the paint. Garware Eomite Cement Primer Water Based Primer can be applied on plastered surfaces, asbestos sheets, concrete, brickwork, etc. prior to over painting with water – based paints. All surfaces before painting must be dry and must be free from loose dust, oil, grease, etc. In case of previously painted surface, remove the old loosely adhering paint by scraping and rubbing with sand paper. Dust off, in case of newly prepared plaster surface, allow sufficient time for curing and drying prior to Primer Application.

Salient Features :
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate
  • Very good intercoat adhesion
  • Seals dry porous surfaces
  • Good hardness
  • Ease of application.

Application Methods :
  • Brushing
  • Spraying
  • Rolling

No. of Coats Recommended :
  • One coat is sufficient for normal substrates

Thinning :
  • With Clean Water
  • If necessary 15-20% of water can be used for thinning

Drying Time :
  • Surface Dry:30 minutes at 27º ± 2ºC & RH 60 ± 5%:
  • Overcoating:after 6 hours.

Covering Capacity :
  • 14 – 16 sq. mtrs / litre / coat on smooth non – absorbent surface.

Finish :
  • Smooth
  • Matt

Colour :
  • White
  • Can be tinted by using Garware(If required)
  • Hi- Power Universal Stainers

Storage Life :
  • Best for use within 12 months from the date of manufacture

Packs Available :
  • 20 ltrs.
  • 10ltrs
  • 4 ltrs.
  • 1 ltr.

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